What's Next


This is your coach Elz, I am personally welcoming you to 24FIT and our Team Elite community!

Congratulations on beginning your journey and our community is really excited to meet and welcome you to our team.

We have a special promotion, where if you PERSONALLY invite and register 5 members of your friends and family into this coming challenge, you will WIN a FREE TeamElite 24FIT T-shirt to wear with pride at Fitclub!

Our First session will commence on the 8th Of January 2018 at 6:45pm-8pm and be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the following 4 weeks at the same time, with our awards ceremony falling on the 5th week Wednesday between 7-9pm! Here you will be rewarded for your efforts!

Don’t worry, you will be given a calendar by your coach!

The Location will be:


The car park is available for use and FREE of charge for all campers.

Feel free to bring any friends and family along to the challenge but please ensure they register first at www.24nutrition.co.uk at any time during the 4-week challenge!

Our challenges continue back to back 4 weeks on and 1 week off to allow us to celebrate and have a well-deserved rest.

Now that you have joined our community, please head over to Facebook and join our private 24FIT club group. Just search the following:

“Team Elite 24FIT Sheffield” or click on the following link https://www.facebook.com/groups/722437861292536/

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07583235153, I am also available via Whatsapp to serve you.

Kind regards,

Coach Elz