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Here at 24FIT we aim to bring you exercise in a much funner way. Exercise with a large group of people who motivate you to become a better version of yourself.

Classes will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7-8pm. You will have a group nutritional session presentation and a one on one with me also. (More personal to your goals). You will be working for the 4 week transformation. Final assesment on the final week will help us assess how far you have come and how much fitter you have become.

Then at 'awards night' on the 5th week we will recognise EVERYONE and give the champions who went the extra mile some certificates and treats. All campers bring enough food to feed four and we have a well deserved treat buffet along with the awards and recognition for your hard work.

Really really fun way of keeping active. All classes and course is FREE, we only ask that on the day you register to start you pay £12 and register at our nutrition club in Burnley. This £12 helps us with paperwork costs, for all weigh ins and registration packs. If you begin anytime in the 4 week challenge besides the final week, we still charge the £12 admin fee to cover your paperwork. Please note this is HUGE value as our personal trainers charge £40-£50 per hour privately for sessions.

Kind regards,
Coach Frankie

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